Coach supervision

Coaching supervision in groups,
a powerful learning lever.

You are a coach or coach manager and you want to:

  • Experiment, develop new skills
  • Implement new tools within an appropriate framework
  • Offer your clients and/or teams the services of an experienced coach
  • Achieve ACC or PCC certification
  • Obtain ICF supervision hours
  • Acquire a more precise idea of your strengths and of the points that need to be improved in your practice
  • Boost your skills as a manager coach
  • Have a good business development strategy
  • See your clients and/or teams perform well

The watchwords to achieve your goals:

Try, Asses, Evolve are the pillars of progress.
If you want to satisfy your clients and stand out through the quality of your services:
Meet up with us, you will find the answers to the questions that you may be asking yourself about your practice.
The feedback from participants allows you to have an outside perspective of your development during the coaching sessions.

This learning framework is powerful because it is multiple:

  • As a coach, you coach clients in real business situations. You will receive the advice of a professional coach who will share his experience with you. Your learning will be reinforced by the diversity of the various paths expressed by the participants.
  • As a client, you will experience the benefit of being coached by coaches who use practices that may differ from your own.
  • As an observer, you will observe what helps clients progress. You will be led to detect what delivers conclusive results, to identify what could be improved and to give feedback.
  • As a team member, you will benefit from an efficient methodology that can be applied to the management of your team. These different perspectives on practice provide an experience, reference points and self-confidence and allow you to develop your own style. And all this within an appropriate framework.

Our approach is a systemic approach, mainly centred on relationships with clients.

Esprit d'équipe

Supervision certification:

Donald Niclaus

As a PCC-certified coach, the hours of supervision provided by Donald Niclaus may be counted as supervision hours within the framework of an ACC or PCC certification.


Nicolas De Dobbeleer, MSC PMP

Experienced Business Project Manager

Donald provides sharp observations on the situation and acts as a fair mirror that is often difficult to accept; but what more would you ask of a coach?

Patrick David 

Software Engineer

Donald has been a supervisor of the highest quality, both of the group and also of my individual work.

I could sense in him the experience he has of coaching, the necessary tact to get his messages across and the power of the interventions.

I would recommend him without hesitation, as a coach or coaching trainer.

David Boon 

Business Coach at Mentally Fit Institute

I had the pleasure to follow several coaching supervision given by Donald. His expertise and integrity were of great value for me.
I’d definitely advise Donald if you’re looking for a real professional coach who is results oriented.

It is by coaching that you become a coach!

For further information and to sign up, contact Donald Niclaus on the following number:
+32 476 33 59 28 or via e-mail to

“Dans l’entreprise idéale,
Les employés seraient, non seulement, capables de se parler
mais également de se comprendre.
La conversation est le seul moyen de stimuler le cerveau.”

Theodore Zeldin