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Excellence 5 pour des Leaders plus sereins

Octobre 2014
This article from La Libre Belgique – Libre Entreprise presents New Horizon’s coaching method: EXCELLENCE5

Standford Business School – Executive Coaching Survey

Juin 2013

La Libre – Supplément Emploi: Formation ou développement?

January 2008

Bizz Magazine: Visualisez votre Objectif

July 2007
Visualisez votre objectif:
Visualise your objective:
A business objective remains something that is intangible. A golfer visualises and sees where the ball needs to land. On the other hand, it is difficult to see in a tangible way where your company will be in 5 years’ time.
For this reason, you should train yourself to make your objective more tangible by visualising it!
Take a little time to relax and imagine that you have achieved your objective:
–                What can you see?
– What do you feel?
– Ask yourself the question: “What benefits does this have for the company, my team and myself?”
The fact of visualising the objective allows your mind to focus all your energy on what you want to achieve, rather than the obstacles that you might encounter.