Our method

E(xcellence)5, developed by New Horizon, is based on asking questions.

It provides a Strategic and Ethical Space aiming to strike a better Balance between for example personal and professional life, between “duty and pleasure”.

E(xcellence)5 creates positive Energy: this balance and this energy are the cornerstones of Personal Evolution, which is crucial for individuals and companies. This method will allow you to strengthen your Team Spirit and become a serene leader.

Team Spirit

Leadership of the management team is one of the essential points examined during coaching sessions. With all the challenges facing our companies today, team spirit becomes a key element of the company’s success. Team spirit provides greater motivation and increased fluidity of information and consequently strongly reduces the risk of misunderstanding, often the source of a great many conflicts.

Strategic space

Pressured by time, hassled from all sides, hurried by deadlines… All good or bad reasons not to take a step back or slow down. What we suggest is to invest in very high quality time, take a step back and allow yourself a privileged moment of reflection. We will help you concentrate on what truly will make the difference, and this from both a personal and professional perspective.


Maintaining a balance between the task and the relationship, between duty and pleasure, personal and professional life, the ‘I’ and the ‘we’; these are all challenges that are not always easy to face for company managers and their teams. New Horizon provides you with support to bring to light these vital points of balance, to understand their impact on the performance of your team and your company and helps you to maintain them in the long term.


Together, we analyse your achievements, what has worked, what remains to be achieved and the alignment between your personal and professional objectives! Coaching sessions offer constant opportunities to learn more about yourself and your team which will help you to progress from a human and from a professional perspective.


As leader of your company, your energy levels have a direct impact on the wellbeing of the company and of your teams and employees. It is therefore crucial that you act accordingly. At New Horizon, we have a holistic approach and we consider our clients as “whole people”. . We help you to assess your energy levels and learn how to recharge your batteries.

“Le pessimiste se plaint du vent.
L’optimiste attend que le vent tourne.
Le leader ajuste ses voiles.”

John Maxwell